The Princeton Theological Review is a student-run academic journal that serves both the Princeton Theological Seminary student body and the theological community at large. It promotes a free and open exchange of ideas in order to challenge, inform, and equip its audience to become more effective and faithful witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ. We are committed to engaging theological issues in ways that are grounded in Scripture, centered on Jesus Christ, formed by the work of the Holy Spirit, and mindful of the historic and contemporary stances of the church. Submissions must be original work, must not have been previously published, and will undergo double blind peer-review.


Contacting the Editors

Your responses to the materials published in the Princeton Theological Review are a critical part of the journal’s success. We welcome and appreciate your ideas. Please send all correspondence to ptr@ptsem.edu or Princeton Theological Review, P.O. Box 821, Princeton, NJ 08542.


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We are not currently accepting subscriptions, but if you or your institution would like a hard copy of our journal, please contact us at ptr@ptsem.edu. All of our articles and book reviews area also available on the Read page.


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If you want to photocopy material from the Princeton Theological Review, please follow these guidelines: For personal use or use in congregations or classrooms, we grant permission for fifty copies to be made, provided the copies are distributed at no charge and you include the following information: “Copyright (year) (author). Reprinted from Princeton Theological Review.”




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